10 Facts - U.N.I

Get to know U.N.I with our 10 Facts interview.

Nov 17 2020
Fact #1

Robbie knew at an early age that he wanted to DJ. His father was a musician in a band while he was growing up. As his request for graduating the 8th grade, Robbie begged his parents for a pair of Technic 1200s and got his wish, practicing on them for years with only a handful of vinyl records.

Fact #2

Even though Robbie was DJ'ing long before Jenny, he was surprised to find out she had an impressive music collection herself when they first met. The curiosity and need to find exciting music has always been in her.

Fact #3

Some people might not be aware but Robbie lost his eye in an accident at a younger age. Legend has it that he inherited superhuman heightened senses and an “ear” for beat-matching because of this.

Fact #4

Remember the infamous Guvernment nightclub? We’ll never forget it because that’s where we first met 14 years ago at Labour of Love. Little did we know that night would have such a profound effect, that we ended up getting married on Labour Day weekend many years later and now celebrate our anniversary at the same time every year.

Fact #5

Jenny played her first public show unexpectedly and by accident. During one of Robbie's solo sets before they were a duo, he had to use the washroom and ended up having to leave the club because theirs was out of order. Since it wasn't a busy night, Jenny took over the decks and Robbie returned to a packed dance floor (and the rest, they say, is history).

Fact #6

Our wedding reception wouldn't have been complete without including our passion for music, so we threw a (PG-rated) rave at the banquet hall and doubled-down on a bride-and-groom DJ set, surrounded by our closest friends and family dancing up a storm all night.

Fact #7

Some newlyweds go on a cruise or an all-inclusive vacation for their honeymoon, this pair decided to jet set to Ibiza for the trip of a lifetime. Coincidentally, our friends happened to find us dancing on a DanceTrippin.TV video years later which became our favourite memento. This might spark an interesting conversation if our future kids ever come across it one day.

Fact #8

A career highlight for us (so far) was playing at the BPM Festival earlier this year, in Costa Rica. We've made some incredible memories attending this festival in various countries throughout the years, making this particular experience an honour and one of the most special moments of our lives. To be on the other side of it all was indescribable.

Fact #9

If we could choose any city in the world to live in, it would be Berlin. After travelling there for the first time in 2018, it was an eye-opening experience to what life could be like. We found the city, culture and nightlife to be incomparable. We left our hearts there and hope that we'll return to the mecca soon.

Fact #10

Our musical tastes differ from one another slightly. Some have compared our style to The Roaches (Carlo Lio & Nathan Barato) who we greatly admire. Jenny’s sound tends to gravitate towards Lio's signature high-tempo rolling percussions, while Robbie finds himself playing more upbeat, groovy vocals like Barato. This has sometimes resulted in a battle over track selection including hand-swatting and bum-rushing the other out of the booth. But it’s all in good competitive fun, making us the artists we are today.

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