Catching Up With Jayforce

We catch up with Jayforce ahead of his 9 hour (open to close) set.

Aug 18 2021
First of all, how are you and how has your 2021 been going so far?
Right now I’m doing really good! Got my health in check and I'm back to playing shows every weekend so right now things can’t really be any better!

What's the story behind Jayforce and when did you decide you wanted to be a DJ?
Well the name “Jayforce” came from the term “G-Force” which is basically a gravitational pull. The way I like to play. I feel like I am kind of like that and my music pulls you in to listen lol. Kinda cheesy I know, but back in the rave days I would walk by a room with a different DJ in it and sometimes I would hear a sick track and the music would pull me into that room to see them play. I wanted to be that guy lol. But I also wanted my real name in the stage name so then it became Jayforce.

After a long 16 months, the city is finally open again. What have you missed most about DJing?
Honestly man, the fans! I missed people going ape shit listening to music live. Not to knock on the whole livestream thing. I know it became a trend and all that which is great! You can also make some good money doing them but it’s not for me. I need a live audience. I need to feel the energy from the crowd. It makes me work harder and want to perform better for them.

How would you describe your sound?
It’s always changing but always energetic in it's own way. I'd say right now I’m really vibing with the minimal techno and tech housey stuff. As long as there’s groove you’ll find it in my set lol.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?
So many tbh! My inspirations change all the time but I respect all forms of great music. They range from guys like Noferini, Chus & Ceballos (b4 the breakup 😞) to Rampa to Oscar L, Matt Sassari and Reset Robot. Guys like that I guess. I'm also into the Organic house sounds, 'All Day I Dream' type of vibes too. I literally like everything lol.

When and how did you first get involved with The Comfort Zone?
Well I was a patron for a while before I got my first shot at a gig there back in 2003. Deko-ze actually helped me get my first gig there because the CDJs stopped working this time and I was playing Film every Sat night and I always had my own CDJ with me in my car. So when it stopped working my buddy was like “hey go get your CDJ out of your car.” I jumped at the chance to “save the day” lol.

Michael made a call and said I need a gig there and then ya, the rest is history. Been with CZ since. Thanks Mike 💙😂

In your opinion, what is it that makes The Comfort Zone so special?
Its just the fact that only the music matters. It’s just all about the beats. It’s like a free for all and everyone is united. Race doesn’t exist. Men, women, LBGTQ, all are accepted. Nothing matters but the music! For a DJ to perform your best self musically, that’s what you are looking for.

What are you planning on bringing to the table for your all night long set this Saturday night?
Honestly everything! From deep to dark and happy to bouncy and classics to brand new stuff! You will find it in my set. Words can’t describe my excitement! It’s been a bucket list for me for 20 years.

Do you have a special routine you go through to prepare for a long set like this Saturday night?
Tons of special playlists for sure! I have been going through music year by year every single day for the last two weeks so I have everything I know I will need to play. 9 hours is a long time man and a hard task to keep the crowd interested in the same DJ for 9 hours. I can’t just play the same shit for 9 hours lol. It would get repetitive so change is going to be key I think. Almost as if a new DJ is coming on like normal but with keeping the style that I bring I guess lol. We’ll find out soon. I never prep for sets I’m more of a just figure it out kind of guy but I need to be focused for 9 hours or more 😉 so who knows lol. The prep is def needed this time around.

What are your top 5 track selections that are guaranteed to go off at The Comfort Zone?
Ben Sterling - Dimensions
Stefano Noferini - My Body
DJ Wady, Alec Lino - Rock n' Roll
Level Groove - Droooop
Matt Sassari - Honda

What's something no one knows about you?
I hate feet. All of them. They all gross lol.

What will you do after answering these questions?
Back to sorting music for the show!

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