Catching Up With Jerome Robins

We catch up with Jerome Robins ahead of his Nation residency alongside Mark Oliver.

Sep 30 2021
First of all, how are you and how has your 2021 been going so far?
2021 has been great despite the lockdowns. Health is good (the most important thing), new music coming out on solid labels, more production collaborations & my Ableton tutorials & mastering services are taking off. So all things considered, things are good.

After a long 16 months, the city is finally open again. What have you missed most about DJing?
Nothing beats a live audience. I was asked to play loads of streams but said no to all of them. Playing in front of a green screen just doesn't do it for me. There's nothing like connecting with a live audience.

How would you describe your sound?
It varies but I'd say I'm a cross between prog & tech. Those have always been my roots. In the early 90's when I really got into electronic music (while living in England), I was following the likes of Sasha, Digweed & the Renaissance shows.

When and how did you first get involved with The Comfort Zone?
Myself & Deko-ze had a Jungle Funk Residency that started in 2013 I believe. Every time we did a label showcase at The Comfort Zone, the place was slammed. Such a good vibe with one of the 'most up for it' crowds you can ask for as a DJ.

In your opinion, what is it that makes The Comfort Zone so special?
No pretension (a huge issue nowadays) & no trainspotting. Just people who are ready to have a good time & listen to solid music.

How did you come up with this new Nation concept with Mark Oliver?
Myself & Mark go way back. We've always been super tight with one another but this is actually the first time we sat down together & came up with a concept that we'll be taking all over the place. Cities all over Ontario & hopefully nation wide (no pun). The Comfort Zone will however be our exclusive Toronto residency.

What's something no one knows about you?
Many people often ask where I'm from. Born in Toronto (St. Mike's in the house), lived in New Jersey & Washington DC as a kid, moved to London, UK for about 10 years (my 20's essentially) & returned to open my record shop, Release Records. But Toronto will always be my home.

What will you do after answering these questions?
Finish mastering about 10 tracks for producer clients that are overdue.

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