Catching Up With Miz Megs

We catch up with Miz Megs ahead of her Friday night birthday beats showcase.

Sep 16 2021
First of all, how are you and how has your 2021 been going so far?
Me = Somehow, I’ve got this.
My 2021 = Completely f#$%ed up.

After a long 16 months, the city is finally open again. What have you missed most about DJing?
Hands down, the energy of playing in front of a crowd. My first set back after lockdown ended, was at Comfort Zone on opening weekend. I was nervous, anxious, curious and excited. I walked in and got up on to the decks and immediately remembered what it was like to play in front of a crowd and it might have been one of the best and most memorable sets of my life. It was quite emotional for me and the best way to welcome myself back to the decks. I missed you guys so much.

How would you describe your sound?
Country and easy listening. And by country and easy listening I mean bumpin', jackin' house and tech house. 😉

When and how did you first get involved with The Comfort Zone?
My first time at CZ was in 1996 after a rave and it soon became a weekly thing for me. At the time it was the place to go after a rave, then later we used to go Sunday evenings. Then mornings became fun again. I feel like over the years the fun hours switched a lot. I can remember my parents dropping me off after church! Yes - church after church. My friends and I had a challenge going at one time where we tried to go as many weekends in a row, and no one could break it. I think we made it to about 3 years without missing a Sunday. Then I took about an eight year hiatus, mainly because I moved to Taiwan for 4 years and then took a break from the after party thing. Then one morning in 2011, I went back with Flipside. I guess you could say it was an early-morning date! It was so strangely amazing to be back to a place that pretty much remained the same all those years. I haven’t stopped since.

When Jerome Robins and Deko-ze asked me to DJ at a Jungle Funk Recordings party in 2015, my heart dropped. It felt like my party life came full circle as I started at Zone in my early party days. It meant a lot to this Zone kid from the 1990's. I will never forget those butterflies I had in my stomach that night.

In your opinion, what is it that makes The Comfort Zone so special?
#1 – The music. Whether I was 15, 18, 20 or 29, or even now as I turn 20 again, the music was and is always quality. You can walk through those doors at Zone and know you will hear amazing music. It was the same in the 90's and is still true to this day. Throughout the years I saw so many DJs from Toronto grow, I saw all kinds of headliners from out of town, I saw local DJs careers takeoff. I consider myself lucky to have experienced it for so many years.

#2 – Comfort Zone’s reputation. When I was living in Taiwan, and meeting partiers from across the world, if someone said they had been to Toronto, I had this thing where I would ask if they had heard about Zone and every single one had either been there or heard of it. This was in 2005. Pretty cool huh?!

What is Musically Spoiled?
Musically Spoiled is a name I came up with while I was loving my buzz at a festival in the jungle in Costa Rica. I was watching Doc Martin play and thought to myself “wow I am musically spoiled”. It stuck with me, because it is true. I have been Musically Spoiled since 1996 and continue to be. So I developed it as my brand for promoting parties and when we were in lockdown, livestream variety shows. Check out: for more info.

What's something no one knows about you?
I was a ballerina for 14 years and a classically trained violinist for 7. I also like pineapple on my pizza which my Italian boyfriend Flipside thinks is gross.

What will you do after answering these questions?
Listen to Paula Abdul and dance around my condo. That is a thing.

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