Q&A - Deko-ze

We sit down with Deko-ze for The Comfort Zone’s Q&A.

Sep 29 2020
How were you first inspired to DJ and/or make music?

In Grade 2, our teacher asked if anyone would like to bring music for art class. Next day, I brought my albums, cassettes, 45s and 12"s. Kids would come and ask "what is this?" I'd tell them, plus any info that I knew. I'd ask what they liked and based on that, I'd find another record to play. (That was also my way of making friends. I couldn't be part of the Sports convos with the boys or any of the "we don't like her because ____" convos),

After a while my teacher got mad! "Why don't you put a cassette on and let the whole thing play? You wont get your assignment done!" I was horrified! "I can't play the whole B side of Tom Tom Club's album. There's only 2 good songs on it!"

How did you first get involved with The Comfort Zone?

in 1998, Don Berns AKA Dr Trance invited me to play a new night he was forming - TTC: Toronto Trance Corps Thursday (back then, the core of my style was trance with some progressive, techno, breaks and house orbiting it). Those went pretty well. I caught the attention of a promoter named Amanda who asked about playing her Sunday event but if I could lean it more towards house. "Sure." She booked me Sunday 4:30PM. I was happy to get my foot in the door for the famous Sundays but knew NO ONE would be there at that time. I walked in with my record bag and the place was packed.

What's your favourite aspect of The Comfort Zone?

The crowd. Period.

How would you define your sound?

Hmmm...I'll ask Deee-lite for a little inspiration here...mmm...ok.

Head nodding deep dance.
Glitterball bell-bottom disco prance.
Baseline funk on a raw tip.
With a rubadub hubby hubby soul sip.
Melodic progressive hypno-house.
Work it to the bone classic house.
Beep bleep electro-meat.
Global minded street heat.
Muscular pile driving tech-beat.
As long as it makes you move your feet.

Which DJs and/or producers have influenced you?

David Penn, Hertz, Rene Amesz, Pagano, Gamble & Huff, Disclosure, Mark Knight, Art Of Noise, Quincy Jones, Rollo, Miro Pajic, Portishead, Yello, DJ Misjah, Antonio Giacca, Jody Wisternoff, ATFC, Billy Kenny, Block & Crown, Chus & Ceballos, Willaim Orbit, Jark Prongo, Stuart Price, Crazibiza and Superchumbo

What's the biggest event you've ever played?

I could say a festival like Shambullah, Digital Dreams, Arena, Magic Mountain or WEMF, but that is thousands of people divided between stages...so for one space, I will say the Dirty Disco Stage at Toronto Pride. At it's peak, we drew over 2,500 people at our space.

What's the highlight of your music career to date?

Playing in Taiwan twice and people knowing who I was (despite the fact walking down the street once and an old woman staring at me like I was a monstrous cat).

What do you think the electronic music scene could do with or without right now to help push it forward?

For the people: Please support your local DJs and promoters rather than only when there is an international in town.

For the DJs: Pay attention to the crowd. Boring the crowd into submission because you're trying to educate doesn't mean you're playing a good set. It means you're masturbating.

For the scene on a national level: Canada-wide support and spotlight for all the incredible talent. BPM, Scenester, Klublife and TRIBE did get the ball rolling but that ball got deflated with no support from the scene. (If someone has the know-how and the $$$ to do it, I'll happily be a writer!).

What's your strangest experience while DJing?

Friday: booked to play a swinger's party, Saturday: DJing at a gay bathhouse, Sunday: sitting in a bedoom at an afterparty smoking weed and watching an orgy happen. The host asked me several times if I (and every other male in the room) would like to f@#$ his wife. I declined and ate more Doritos.

Which tracks never leave your record box?

Novy & Eniac - Pumpin
Hertz - Aha
Jean-Phillippe Aviance - Disco Life (Sharp Boys Remix)
Switch - Just Bounce 2 This
Shadow Child - 23
Sergio Fernandez - Unforgettable Summer (Rene Amesz Remix)
The Vanderplahs - Santa Margherita (Peace Division Remix)
Marco Lys - SLW

What's next for you in the near future?

Hopefully, once that bitch Corona finally gets the boot, getting back on decks. Plus, I am working on lots of re-edits till I get over writer's block and make some more solo tunes.

And a fresh mix for the peeps every month.

What are your hidden talents that most people don't know about?

My answer to that is not appropriate for this type of interview...hmm...I was, however, part of the gay & lesbian badminton league (I didn't say that I was good).

What will you do after answering these questions?

Beatport, porn and a nap (in that order).

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