Q&A - Nathan Barato

We sit down with Nathan Barato for The Comfort Zone’s Q&A.

Aug 10 2021
How were you first inspired to DJ and/or make music?

I was first inspired to DJ by watching my big brother Jason DJ at home and he would DJ local parties too. I always wanted to be like my big brother so I tried to do all the shit he was doing. The first time I realized I wanted to make music was when I was listening to Lil Louis ‘Club Lonely’ and I realized that I wanted to make people feel the way that song made me feel.

How did you first get involved with The Comfort Zone?

It’s a bit tricky to remember the details but I’m pretty sure Addy was the first one to get me to CZ…yeah shout out to that guy for always bringing up the new ideas and giving people a shot.

What's your favourite aspect of The Comfort Zone?

One of the things I was love most about Comfort Zone was the wide ranging group of people. And I always loved how it was just crazy insane…the vibe was always stupid.

How would you define your sound?

I have a hard time defining my sound as one singular sound. I really like a lot of different types of music and when I’m DJing in the context of house and techno, I always want to just give people a good time so I tend to play party tracks and I love vocals so I try to play some vocals however I can…and I love just feel good moments so it could be a techno track or it could be a tech house track honestly. It’s hard for me to just say one sound.

What's the biggest event you've ever played?

Luckily for me there’s been a bunch of pretty big events in terms of the amount of people but I would say Elrow is the singular biggest craziest great party that I played. I think they were up to around 20,000 in London the summer before Covid dropped.

What's the highlight of your music career to date?

I've been really lucky in that I don’t feel that I have a single career highlight. There have been many different moments through all of my my time in my career that have brought me a lot of joy while DJing…and they were anything from just a regular random morning at zone to Amnesia Ibiza Terrace.

What do you think the electronic music scene could do with or without right now to help push it forward?

The first thing that comes to mind to me is always the respect and care and appreciate the level of importance of a good sound system. I feel thats something that has always been a little bit lacking in Toronto and for me I would love to see that stepped up. it’s something that is hugely important.

What's your strangest experience while DJing?

After years of many strange things happening in front of me while DJing lol...was one time at Comfort Zone I think around 4PM on a Sunday...a person was basically standing right in front of me while I'm DJing and staring right in my face, kind of doing a jiggle while eating noodle soup.

Which tracks never leave your record box?

There’s probably 200 or 300 tracks that never really leave my mind in terms of options to hit at any moment...but I’m just gonna say Basement Jaxx ‘Flylife’.

What's next for you in the near future?

Life is pretty interesting for me right now because I’ve decided not to go heavy on the touring scale anymore…I made that decision when Covid dropped as I was already thinking about it prior to Covid. So I'm more focused on the studio now and DJing in Toronto with a few out of town gigs here and there.

What are your hidden talents that most people don't know about?

I am a next level salad maker.

What will you do after answering these questions?

Continue waiting for my puppy to come out of the vet.

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