The Hot Seat - Billey Barry

We put Billey Barry in The Hot Seat to answer some serious questions.

Jan 15 2021
What would it say in your Tinder bio?
I have an account on another site but if I had Tinder it would probably be "You know who else likes food and travel? Everyone...but I do like location based, strange".

Pizza or sushi?
I do love sushi but I will take a truffle shuffle from North of Brooklyn over any sushi in Toronto.

What's your favourite condiment?
Sriracha goes on everything.

Apple or PC?
PC desktop and Apple laptop.

How do you describe your job as a DJ to your family?
I'll jump that hurdle when I start making enough money to call it my job.

Who is your TV or movie celebrity crush?
Kate Beckinsale.

Seinfeld or Friends?
"The jerk store called and they're running out of you".

House or techno?
I wear shirts with different colours and like to dance so I guess that makes me house.

Rock or rap?
Love them both but if this was a Sophie's Choice moment then I have to go rock.

Do you take song requests?
Only when she tells me that it's her birthday and I have to play it.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
It’s not Christmas till Hans Gruber gets thrown off Nakatomi Plaza.

Where is the strangest place you’ve DJ’d?
At a swingers club on the East End. I threw those shoes away before I entered my apartment building.

What was your first email address?

Is soup a meal?
Only with some bread for dipping.

What’s your secret record you always go to when you need to pick things up?
Cevin Fisher - You Got Me Burning Up (Tim Davison Remix).

What music do you listen to at home or at the gym?
At home it changes by mood but the White Stripes have been getting a lot of play lately. At the gym it has to be beats, helps me keep time on reps.

Pineapple on pizza?
If you go to any decent pizzeria, it's not an option. Nuff said.

Opening or closing the night DJ set?
I do enjoy opening cause you get to set the pace for the whole night and I think it's the most important set but there is nothing like closing a party. You can just fire out your best records and you don't have to worry about who is playing after me and trying to set them up.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?
I will keep it civil but the thing that drives me nuts is watching a DJ that has lost the crowd and doesn't have the awareness to change things up. If everyone is two stepping and talking to each other then change it!

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